July 14, 2016

Feelmore Funnies: Condoms

Just a Normal Day at the Office:
Caller: What's the largest size condom you have?
Feelmore: What size do you need?
Caller: I'm 11 1/2
Feelmore : What condom have you used in the past? I mean this isn't your first time using a condom, is it?
Caller: You're right. Magnum XL
Feelmore: See we could have started (asking for XL) there.
Caller: I'll be through to get them.
June 27, 2016

QUESTIONS. Questions. questions

Have a question you'd like answered, please post here!
April 23, 2016

Nipple Covers & Greyhounds

So we were at the local bar ordering a beer and grey hounds for some friends when this happened:

(Standing next to a person (female identified) that so happened to have on a cut off shirt with breasts slightly exposed.)

Us:  Where did you get those?

Them:  (Looking and touching their clothes) What?

Us:  Those!  Your nipple coverings.  Are they pasties?

Them:  Yes. 

Us:  Next time make sure you get a pair from Feelmore

Before the bartender knew what we were talking about and as I began to walk away, they vouched that Feelmore is a space we should come and checkout.  

#WeirdFactor Gone! 

April 02, 2016

Feelmore Delights Oakland

We Hella love customer service and after reading about so many companies and how customer service makes a difference, we think there is more than 1 way to improve.  But last night, we got the opportunity to not just Satisfy but Delight our Client.

The difference?  Here you go:

SATISFY: Meet the Clients expectation of making certain you have a product they want and not just need.  

DELIGHT: Meet the Clients expectation of making certain you have a product they want and not just need.  THEN...when they need what you don't have at 2:00 AM you offer to head over to San Francisco and get 'IT'!  

When you have time you make time and what matters more than leaving good people with great impressions.  So at 2:00 AM I rode my bike to pickup my car and let the Client know I was on my way to SF.  I'm sure they thought I was joking but when you give someone your word...stick to it else quickly backtrack or tell them why that solution won't work.  

(As I told someone this story this AM about the story.  They curiously asked about the 'IT' product.  I replied, "that's private".  We treat what we do like Vegas and a 12-step room. General but no Specifics...so 'IT' it is.)

I can remember reading about Nordstrom's taking back a set of tires...happily.  Welll it still hasn't been denounced as a folklore by their company, yet this is the type of Client Service we strive for at Feelmore.  When you have time, you make time for People.  

At Feelmore we take pleasure in Delighting and not just Satisfying.  Wasn't expecting the $200 tip but knowing it made an Oakland business stand out was even better.




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