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  • Sex Toys to buy during Covid-19 Quarantine

    March 25, 2020

    Feelmore Fleshlight Oakland

    Sex Toys to buy during Covid-19 Quarantine

    Here are some suggested sex toys to make it better as everyone is doing their best to stay at home, yet it can be difficult. What may be difficult is spending all your time in a roommate situation, seeing your spouse too often, homeschooling your kids.  But hey some may enjoy their Partner 24/7 or being solo.  Times have changed but what hasn't is the need for a stress reliever such as an ORGASM.

    Start with the following 4 sex toys during Quarantine:

    • 1. Magic Wand - Always a favorite for power & accuracy.
    • 2. Fleshlight - When they get mad & you need something soft.
    • 3. Lube - Everyone needs lube! It's smoother w: lube.
    • 4. Massage Soy Candles - Feelmore makes their own candles.