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  • All Lube Is The Same...Right?

    March 05, 2020

    All Lube Is The Same...Right?

    Greetings from your friendly, neighborhood lubricant sales associate Kim! My job (and pleasure) here at Feelmore is to make sure you receive not only quality information and education about the products we have available, but also to make sure you leave happy and confident about the future fun you will be embarking on! 

    The number one question I get from folks is “What kind of lube should I get?” This is my favorite question to answer (my second favorite question to answer is “what kind of vibrator should I get?”) as using lube can make or break one’s enjoyment of sexy time...and for some, everyday life outside of sexy time. 

    Before we break down the two main types of lube and some examples you can find at our two Feelmore locations in the Bay Area and our online store, let’s first examine why we need lube:

    Most people will have different lubrication needs in different stages of life. Though the vagina and penis can both produce natural lubrication through sexual stimulation, this has a wide variance depending on the person and is also affected by a multitude of factors including, but not limited to, one’s age, stress level, pregnancy, and medication. Let’s also add arousal level and the time it may take natural lubrication to occur. It is also important to note that the anal orifice has no natural lubrication, so lube is a must for anal play and stimulation.

    So, back to the question at hand. “What kind of lube should I get?” I usually provide our community of customers with a brief tutorial and then pose a few questions for them to keep in mind such as will the lube be used for vaginal and/or anal play, personal lubrication needs, as well as with or without toys, and what kind of toys-silicone, or non-silicone? (Shhhh: you don’t have to divulge why you’re in need of lube and can always answer to yourself if you’re a little shy about your lube purchase. We understand...it’s personal.)

    Let’s get it started with the brief tutorial of lube:


    This is the most common type of lubricant, and the most recognizable. The more you use, the wetter it feels. This is a win in my book! It will eventually absorb into the skin with friction.

    • Compatible with all materials that toys are made from
    • If it gets sticky, re-animate with water or saliva
    • Easy Cleanup (because it has a water base)
    • Feelmore Faves: Slippery Stuff and  Sliquid Sea


    Silicone lubes don’t interact with one’s body chemistry making it a great choice for those of us with sensitive skin and/or allergies. This is fantastic news as I have had several customers warn me of lubes they have used in the past that didn’t agree with their body (usually special effects lube which we’ll learn more about below), and made them hesitant to use lube again. Silicone lube never gets sticky or tacky and a little goes a long way because our bodies don’t absorb silicone-based lubricants like water-based. This type of lube is not recommended for frequent use with silicone toy products because it may eventually deteriorate the silicone covering the toy (which is something that would make me cry.) Use soap and water to clean-up as the silicone does not wash away as easily as water-based varieties.

    • Long-lasting and hypoallergenic
    • Great for use in water (think shower, hot tub, the ocean!) because as mentioned earlier, it does not rinse away easily like water-based choices.
    • Compatible with non-silicone toys
    • Feelmore Faves: Uberlube and Swiss Navy

    *Both water and silicone-based lubes are great for solo or partner play as well as latex compatible.

    More Lube Options

    We’ll dive deeper into more lube options on another post but for now, here’s a peek at some other lubes you may want to try out:

    •  Hybrid lubricants which are water-based lubricants but contain some silicone are made to mimic the natural lubrication of the human body and provide the convenience of water-based lubes with the non-stickiness of silicone-based lube. 
    • Gel lubes are also water-based but are thicker and meant to last without needing to reapply. 
    • Oil based have a thick but non-greasy texture and can often be used for massage and intercourse.
    • Special Effects lubricants can add some stimulation to your playtime but are not to actually be used for lubrication. Examples include lube which says “cooling”, or “warming, or flavored “edible” lubes. Spot test before using on genitals to see if you’re sensitive to the “special effects” this lube provide!
    • Numbing, erection sustaining, organic, and ph Balancing are a few more examples that the world of lubrication has to offer.

    In a nutshell, using lube is meant to enhance pleasurable sensations whether you’re having sex or not, and whether you are alone or not. The alternative? Discomfort and irritation which nobody wants. Possible grumpiness because of the discomfort and irritation. And lastly, not feeling like your true, juicy (pun intended) higher self because of said discomfort and irritation.

    Lube not only makes sex better, but it also makes life better!

    You can find Feelmore online (Feelmore510.com) or in Berkeley @ 2270 Shattuck Ave. or Oakland @ 1703 Telegraph Ave.