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  • Beginning Sex Toy: What different customers need in their beginner sex toys.

    January 09, 2021

    Feelmore Beginner Sex ToyMany will come into Feelmore or hit our Chat on the web and ask about Beginner Sex Toys.  Well, the truth is, 'Beginner' is a qualifying word of where you actually want to start.  So let's go through a few scenarios to understand what beginner may be from person to person.


    Young woman 20's; never had a vibrator; and doesn't want to spend much:

    Never go to expensive or too big.  When people have had their first beginner sex toy, they have info that can lead to a better answers but since they've never used any sex toy like a bullet vibrator or cool dual-stimulator.

    Gaia is a cool design not just in the vibrator but the packaging.  At times, the packing works and helps the customer feel value in the purchase even before they get out of the store.  But when they are online, they have to Trust your decision as a Sex Educator.  We'd suggest staying within a budget so they can experience the product, not spend much, but achieve their orgasmic goals and gather data on their body.  Gathering data is important b/c when a person doesn't know, they have to experience pleasuring themselves in order to have an informed conversation that will help the future Sales person help them find what they want.  

    Suggestion: Gaia Eco-friendly rechargeable vibrator $12