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  • Feelmore is on Spotify

    December 12, 2018

    Feelmore is on Spotify

    If you've ever been into Feelmore, you would be correct if you used music to describe the atmosphere.  Given that Feemore is located in Downtown Oakland's Uptown District near 4 concert venues then it should come to no surprise that Feelmore curates its music based on what is playing locally and in heavy rotation from the music speakers blaring passing the boutique.

    Feelmore is having the most fun on Spotify after ditching iTunes for greener and more curated music options.  Click on the playlists titles: Feelmore Adult, Feelmore Uptown, Feelmore at Night, and below is  Feelmore Laidback.

     Feelmore is also on Soundcloud for some years.  Although Soundcloud hasn't been updated, it contains over 340 tracks aka songs or audio.   Check it out here: