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  • Nenna Joiner (Founder)

    Feelmore OaklandAfter receiving my B.S. in Public Management from Florida A&M University, I returned to Oakland to work into the local government with no success.  Given that my family owned their own film & television production company I began working as a Production Assistant.  After years of learning the equipment, I began to work on my own private projects.  Eventually, I desired to open an adult retail location and that's where the journey begins.  In the pursuit of finding a physical location, I heard the word 'No' so many times that I thought no one would rent to my type of business.  Most great ideas come out of frustration topped with a burning passion to affect change.  After a gap analysis, it was clear that Oakland was in need of more 'Love' and what better way to support deficit than with Feelmore.  It was time to become a part of the solution and assist in the Revitalization of the storied Oakland.  Oakland is continuously traversed to get to other parts of the Bay Area.  My goal is of course to run a viable business but to do my best to encourage other retailers that it is possible to do Good & Well in Oakland at the very same time.  Oakland is deserving of an expansive retail experience.  I opened Feelmore on February 14, 2011 with the love & support of my Mother Sharon Jones.  She told me I have nothing to lose and whatever I lost, I could always get it back.  Those inspiring words and actions of triumph in her own life's journey encourage me daily.  I am thankful for everyone's Prayers, Hugs, Words of Wisdom, Nourishment, Time, Energy, and Currency.  To live your Dream is something that is indescribable yet open for everyone to do and achieve.  Feelmore gives complete and total thanks for the honor to not only sell to our community but to serve our community.  Our tagline, "It's More Than Just Sex", demonstrates how we really feel about what we do.  Sex is the guise to what we do which is to ensure empowerment, education, and equality on a very basic level, uplift in a major way, and acknowledge without question.  Just as Feelmore510 began on the street corners of Oakland; We are ready to begin reaching far corners of minds, souls, and the world.  One must attempt before you can succeed. This is our attempt at Success.