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  • Spareparts Joque Harness


    If you are ever in the market for a new harness or strap-on(strapon), then this should be your next purchase.  It works but what we like to explain that truly makes it unique is the material moving with the skin.  Your standing adjustment and horizontal adjustment will be the same as the strap does not move.  You have tons of additional straps to make the fit even snugger.  This is definitely a product you should have as it is truly machine washable. 

    Size A

    • Belt adjustable measures 20-50"
    • Leg straps adjustable. Measures 10-16"
    • Ring diameter 1.25-2"
    • Ring circumference 3.92 – 6.28"

    Size B

    • Belt adjustable, measures 35-65"
    • Leg straps adjustable. Measures 14-24"
    • O Ring diameter 1.25 – 2"
    • O Ring circumference 3.92 – 6.28"

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