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  • Feelmore Berkeley Location Closing

    //Hello, World!

    With a glad heart & sound spirit, I have decided to close Feelmore's Berkeley location, leaving Oakland remaining.

    No “aww's” cause those come way too late in the retail cycle.  Many will walk by, not even saying hello to those who are holding high hopes for their community.  

    Residents and merchants are experiencing the same environmental factors.  Small business owners just want to work!  We know that routine & repetition in pursuit of customers' smiles is beautiful.  We want you to be happy, prosperous, healthy, content, sheltered, having lots of sex and so do we!

    Feelmore has been around for more than a decade.  A decade of paying sales tax, buying products, hiring, and standing watch in the community when others are home, we are there.  There is strength in numbers & more of “us” are better for our communities, but current conditions cause many to close for good.  But this is a beautiful story for Feelmore because we are closing a single location.  We will continue to thrive as we work on other projects and reinvest our dollars.

    Sex toys are good for the community & we want to sell tons!  Many have reminded me when I delivered their order during the pandemic.  Recently, I went to work in our Berkeley store & just the conditions walking to our retail storefront gave me vision that I wasn't going to pay anyone to walk through sadness & despair just to help others in their sexual health journey!  Safety first!

    Change that emotion of 'aww' when a business closes because it's you; we are the problem!  The rain comes & our amazon deliveries increase because we don't want to leave home.  School Districts can’t be the only reason you move to a community but the collective community resources which include the local small businesses.  

    Many people will not ask for help & silently go away in the night or blame others for the end of their business.  Not here!  How wonderful to have been allowed to open in such a storied corridor of Berkeley!  I mean, we had people who fought us to not open in Oakland.  I don't lack confidence; it's just the environmental factors!  But please continue to speak up & keep the spotlight on environmental factors that don't allow for a level playing field for everyone to enjoy or prosper in any community equally.

    As I said, I'm only closing one of my retail stores and consolidating everything back in Downtown Oakland right across the street from the Feelmore Social, the bar I opened up & began working on during the pandemic.  

    Don't vote them out. Vote in people who see the economic opportunities of the Bay Area, like small business owners, because we've been doing the unthinkable with very little for a long time, just like our residents.

    *Our Final day is Dec. 31st.  20% off in our Berkeley store ONLY!  Shop NOW