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  • The Tenga Iroha Zen Is The Textured Vibrator You Need To Feel To Believe

    February 21, 2019

    Feelmore on Women's Health

    Whether you’re looking for your first-ever sex toy or already have a chest full of vibrators and just want something different, you probs don’t want to look through thousands of Amazon reviews to find the perfect toy.


    Luckily, you don't need to. Nenna Feelmore, founder of Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland, California, a sex toy shop that has a partnership with Postmates (read: will deliver a vibrator right to your door), is here to help you out. One of Feelmore's faves? The Tenga Iroha Zen, a squishy, soft vibrator recommended for first-timers and seasoned masturbators alike.

    Why People Love The Iroha Zen

    • Its squishy, soft material
    • It has a whisper-quiet motor
    • It comes in unique, pastel colors
    • It has interesting textures
    • It’s cheaper than other vibrators
    • It uses batteries

      FYI: Many "designer" sex toys are made of silicone, a synthetic and hypoallergenic material people love because it's easy to clean, feels smooth, and lasts a long time.

      The Iroha Zen is a totally different story, thanks to its squishy "soft-touch" silicone designed to feel like flesh. It’s the same stuff the toy company uses in their Tenga fleshlights (aka male masturbation sleeves). "They essentially turned their fleshlights inside out," says Feelmore.

      iroha Zen Matcha Womens Waterproof Battery-Powered Personal Massage Vibrator, HMZ-01 Green

      The soft feel of this toy is so unique that Feelmore says anyone—not just a sex toy expert who spends every day touching vibrators—would be able to close their eyes, reach into a vat of sex toys, and pick out the Tenga Iroha instantly.

      But it's not just the toy's material that makes it feel ah-mazing, it also comes with rows of pleats on the surface. That kind of bumpy texture sets the Tenga Iroha apart from most other sex toys, which tend to be smooth. That said, you can use it pretty much the same way you would any other clitoral vibrator—just with some added sensations to enjoy. (You could also use it vaginally, but it's short, so you won't get as much internal stimulation as you would from a vibrator that's meant to go inside, like a rabbit. And btw, since it doesn't have a flared base, it's not safe to use anally.)

      If you have a roommate sleeping in the next room, you'll love the Iroha Zen's quiet motor.

      And while you may not love dealing with batteries, Feelmore actually sees it as a plus because batteries give you more control over the power level. (New batteries = more power. Older batteries = less power.)

      Best of all, you get all of these great features for a much cheaper price ($35) than you would most other quality sex toys.

      Where It Falls Flat

      • It’s not 100% silicone
      • It’s not great for sharing
      • It’s not totally eco-friendly
      • It’s short

        While the material is soft, it’s not just silicone. The toy's "fleshy material" is great for texture, sure, but the reason most high-end sex toys use silicone (and often medical grade silicone) is because it’s cleaner. Meaning, if you get UTIs or bacterial infections easily, Feelmore recommends sticking to silicone-only toys.

        If you're not prone to infection, the Iroha Zen is still great to use. The not-totally-silicone material just means you’re better off keeping this toy to yourself. "As long as you’re not sharing it with another person, and you’re just reintroducing your same bacteria to your own body—and, of course, washing it [preferably with a mild, antibacterial soap]—then you should be OK," says Feelmore. A lot of the time, if Feelmore explains the risk of a non-silicone toy to someone, they’ll still go for the Iroha Zen because it just feels that good.

        But it might not be the best choice for those trying to make more eco-friendly purchases. Because, yeah, batteries are certainly more wasteful than not using batteries.

        It’s also not necessarily great for people of bigger body sizes or anyone who needs/wants a longer sex toy to reach their genitals. The Iroha Zen is pretty short as far as vibrators go, which can make it difficult to use if you need more reach. "But because it is so soft, people can lie on top of it," says Feelmore. "So it’s not necessarily a limitation, it’s just a different way of thinking about it."

        The Game-Changing Features

        The color-scheme: The Iroha Zen colors are nothing short of unique. "When you’re dealing with vibrators in America, or Chinese-made for America, you’re getting the same consistent colors: purple, black, pink, maybe red," explains Feelmore. "If you were to put the Iroha Zen colors [light green, golden yellow, and soft pink] up on the wall, they’d definitely stand out to people." That also sets the Japanese sex toy apart from its American and Americanized counterparts.

        The unique texture: What do you get the person who has every vibrator imaginable? You get them the Iroha Zen (unless they already have it, of course). The texture and feel of this toy is so different from other vibrators that it’s a worthwhile addition to an already extensive collection, says Feelmore. "The textures are really the enticing factor. You can just roll it along your skin, massage yourself, and actually feel some indentation as you’re touching yourself."

        The cost: The Iroha Zen is a great first sex toy because you're getting something different for a totally accessible price.

         "You’re not investing too much money into something you may not like, and the feel of it is comforting for first-timers," says Feelmore. "You’re able to latch on and almost hug it like a pillow."

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