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  • Feelmore finds something else to suck on.

    July 24, 2018

    Feelmore finds something else to suck on.


    Oakland, CA – Feelmore finds something else to suck on.

    Feelmore has decided to do what is best for the environment and discontinue sales of plastic penis straws.  The past several years, local city ordinances were enacted to deter the use of plastic bags in retail and now the replacement of plastic straws have gained equal support in the Bay Area. 

    Plastic opponents have worked to educate the community how to help the environment and are now working with local government to ensure businesses do their part.  With plastic straws taking up to 200 years to break down, the environment is suffering.  China recently said they would stop taking trash from countries such as the United States (US).  “The US and local businesses that procure straws have an opportunity to help.  Feelmore wants to help do its part in the community and environment”, says Nenna Founder of Feelmore.      

    Customers searching or asking for straws to pair with their naughty themed Bachelor or Bachelorette party will now be informed about the reason they will not find them at Feelmore.  Feelmore feels it is time to stop selling them all together.  Feelmore is located in a port city which drains directly into the Bay.  “You can literally look into the water to see the debris.  Having had a plumbing problem, at home, I saw straws surface which I had no idea their origin.  That let me know that I had to do my part personally and professionally”, says Nenna.

    As an alternative, Feelmore is carrying kitsch water bottles that keep the fun and laughter going while maintaining their stance on the environment.  As of July, Feelmore no longer carries straws or other items that are not bio-degradable. 

    For further information, please contact Nenna at PR@Feelmore510.com; 510-891-0199.