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  • Feelmore Tag Teams with “Girls Trip” Film on New Adult Toy Line!

    July 28, 2017

    Feelmore Tag Teams with “Girls Trip” Film on New Adult Toy Line!



    For Immediate Release

    Oakland, CA – Feelmore Tag Teams with “Girls Trip” Film on New Adult Toy Line!

    Nenna Joiner, owner of Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland, CA, has exciting news to reveal. Feelmore is currently developing a sex toy line for the upcoming American comedy “Girls Trip.”

    This is Feelmore’s first opportunity to work with Hollywood. Joiner is super grateful for the chance. “The fact they put so much faith in me and Feelmore gave me a huge surge of confidence,” she said.  Feelmore exists connect culture and sex.  This is an opportunity to encourage inclusion.  “As a retailer you want to get everyone in the store, however, there aren’t products that identify with everyone,” Joiner said. “This is an opportunity that encourages the much needed diversity in the adult novelty business.”

    Like the “Girls Trip” characters, Nenna Joiner is an alumn from Florida A&M University (FAMU). They saw the movie premiere in Los Angeles and was 100% sure the product line will do well. “It’s an incredible opportunity as I work in the adult industry and attended a Historically Black College University (HBCU),” they said.

    Joiner is hopeful about approaching Universal Pictures about the product line. Fortunately, they saw potential…bigly! Joiner’s mission is to expand Feelmore beyond a brick and mortar store. And the possibilities are endless in the movie industry.  Look no farther than the reception of “Fifty Shades of Grey” or Comedy Central’s “Broad City” for evidence of that.

    In “Girls Trip,” four lifelong friends, Flossy Posse, travel to New Orleans. They meet at the Essence Festival to reconnect and rekindle their wild sides. In case you’re curious, the actresses portraying those feisty ladies are as follows: Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiaffany Hadish (whose character sparked the idea to create a sex toy line.).  That said, the movie is laced with sexual innuendos and references that make it easy to market adult products to the audience.   

    “The movie has exceeded expectations taking in over $30 mil. in the box office,” said Joiner. Due to the mass appeal of the film and the fact that audiences can’t get enough of “Girls Trip,” licensing a product is in everybody’s best interest.

    Here’s the short version. Feelmore will provide adult products inspired by the Flossy Posse: the group of friends from “Girls Trip.”  For further information, please contact Nenna at PR@Feelmore510.com; 510-891-0199.  *This PR was total and complete “Fake News” but it’s still possible.*