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  • Feelmore Owner Nominated for XBIZ Exec Award

    November 05, 2018

    Feelmore Owner Nominated for XBIZ Exec Award

    It's the Mid-Term election in the country but for the Adult Industry, we vote every year to make the world a better place!  

    Oakland's own Nenna Joiner has been nominated for a 'Progressive Leadership' award by the prestigious XBIZ Executive Team.  If you haven't heard of the Xbiz Awards, don't worry as if you aren't friends of someone in the 'Industry' or in the 'Industry' it wouldn't even cross your mind that we celebrate our own community for hard work that helps out the rest of the world without them knowing our names.  

    The Executive Award means a great deal to Nenna as they push past just being an adult store owner to being a community owner thus helping to spread positive messages about the adult business through their community work.  They never believed that moving to Porn Valley, San Fernando/Los Angeles County, would be the best thing for them and instead sought to make a difference in the community with their business.  Oakland is lucky to have someone that not only works hard in the sex-positive community such as Nenna but someone that wants to shout the City that embraced their idea of opening an adult store.  It's never easy doing what you love...but always worth it!  

    Here's to the Nomination which comes before a win! 

    Please nominate Nenna by following this link:===>  Xbiz Exec Voting  

    **You may have to register, but it is work friendly...its just a forum where we discuss politics and business.