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  • Feelmore Opens Their Second Sex Shop in Berkeley

    January 11, 2020

    Feelmore Opens Their Second Sex Shop in Berkeley

    OAKLAND-Two doors are better than one.

    'Feelmore Adult' formerly known as 'Feelmore Adult Gallery' has opened a second location in Berkeley, California.  What's more important is where in Berkeley Feelmore is the location; one (1) block from Cal Berkeley University on Shattuck Ave in Downtown Berkeley taking advantage of dense walking traffic.  

    Feelmore second location in Berkeley

    Nestled between the Berkelely Main Public Library and the 'TOSS' noodle bar puts Feelmore right in the middle of everything Berkeley especially the BART transit station which is less than a block from Feelmore's front door.  "It's been 10 years since we opened Feelmore Oakland.  I focused on opening a second location the same day I got keys for the first location.  Oakland was/is a tough town for foot traffic in the Uptown District of Downtown Oakland but am encouraged that respect what we do and the hard work we've put in daily.  Being a visible owner, I believe, helping the community is everything.", comments Nenna.

    feelmore second location

    Feelmore has been opened since January 2nd, 2020 yet the grander opening will be February 14 which intentionally is the original opening of Feelmore Oakland.  "Working with Pipedream & Lelo is huge for our opening.  When I first opening, I had nothing but a few SKU's.  We've since built the store to well over 500 and about 50 Feelmore SKU's.  Everything we do we cannot do without or vendors especially a bigger distributor like Honey's Place.  Our Rep Brenda Molina, from Honey's Place, continues to make buying products exciting as well as measurable.", says Joiner.

    Nenna already has a connection to the community as their family lives 1 block from the store; 1 block from the Berkeley High School (3000 students) where their 4 cousins graduated; 1 block from Cal where 2 cousins played football; and their Aunt Robin Ortiz Young also did HIV/AIDS, sex education, and diversity work in the local community.  This is still home!  "It feels good when your family is close especially when you take on something that hasn't been done in your family.", says Nenna.  

    Everything couldn't happen without the adult community, local community, and a good team.