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  • Feelmore is offering Post-Election relief for the City of Oakland

    November 05, 2018

    Feelmore is offering Post-Election relief for the City of Oakland

    The City of Oakland, as the country, is going through a fierce mid-term election cycle.  With pressing issues such as homelessness and immigration many in our city are tired and ready for inclusivity while changing.  The City and Citizens deserve relief!

    “Small business weren’t highlighted during this election campaign as much as I would have personally liked,” says Nenna Owner of Feelmore Adult in Oakland.  Like many businesses, Feelmore has been on the front lines to protests and policy in Oakland.  Feelmore has maintained a love for Oakland but also feels the pushing and pulling in the community.  To keep some levity in the conversation, Feelmore Owner walks around Oakland with an ‘I Sell Sex Toys’ t-shirt and thinks of it as their uniform.  ‘I keep fighting every day to stay put in the City where I started selling sex toys out the trunk of my car.  It’s not easy but we have a unique opportunity to not just sell to the community but be a part of the community as a business…authentically. 4

    Feelmore consistently sees renters wanting quiet vibrators given their housing situation.  “Everyone wants a life and no one wants to feel embarrassed doing the things you should be able to do in the comfort of your home.  I talk to every Customer especially when I see their identification and it doesn’t say the State of California.  We need everyone involved and as a business, I don’t suggest who to vote for but that voting is cheaper than a vibrator and influences their lives just as much,” says Nenna.

    To encourage some fun going into the election home stretch, Feelmore is extending a15% discount to the community.  Visitors must come in with ‘I Voted’ sticker or their ballot receipts.  ‘It’s a great time to get some relief spelled ‘V-I-B-E, which may depend on a few beers also rhythms with ‘V-O-T-E’.