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  • Feelmore is now Dyke Central

    February 01, 2019

    Feelmore is now Dyke Central

    Oakland, CA – (February 1, 2019) Feelmore Adult has finally made it to the ‘Silver Screen’ with ‘Dyke Central’ on Amazon.    


    A local filmmaker contacted Nenna, Owner of Feelmore, about wanting to film a Queer episodic at Feelmore.  Nenna decided to support their community project because it was a great script which centered on 7 Queer lives in Oakland. 

    “It was a unique opportunity I couldn’t pass up.  As someone that loves my community, I understand how difficult it can be to find space for a Dream.  Besides, I also felt Feelmore could go far and not just be central to Oakland with this being a way to help extend its reach, says Nenna.”  Florencia Manovil was a Virgin Director but after a friend inherited some money and invested $5000 in their project, Dyke Central was born.  Besides having minimal character development and writing experience, Florencia’s Faith took over and the Oakland community got right behind. 

    Dyke Central is about 7 Queer individuals and their lives, friends, and jobs.  The name Dyke Central comes as an ode to Oakland as Oakland has one of the highest Lesbian per capita in the country. (Of course with current Gentrification in Oakland, the numbers may be off at this time).  “Feelmore is honored to have been included in such a grassroots piece.  As I started Feelmore out the trunk of my car, I know that small wins such as Dyke Central for Florencia is what you need to get to the next project.  I believe we will see more from them…and it’s not the last time you see Feelmore or myself on the big screen, says Nenna."

    For further information, please contract Feelmore at Info(at)Feelmore510(dot)com or 510-891-0199.  Feelmore is located at 1703 Telegraph Ave. Oakland.  Florencia Manovil can be found at DykeCentral.com.