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  • This is Your Cheatsheet to Feelmore Bay Area's Best Sex Shop in Oakland

    March 26, 2019

    This is Your Cheatsheet to Feelmore Bay Area's Best Sex Shop in Oakland

    The sex educator who runs the joint answers all your questions

    Mark these words: “Nothing will get you laid faster than being considerate.”

    Living in the Bay Area has its challenges, but one boon is access to Oakland’s Feelmore, the best little “adult entertainment store” west of the Mississippi (probably east as well). Whether you’re buying or just browsing, it’s a hoot, and one made easier with a little bit of intel from proprietor Nenna Joiner.

    We recently asked her a lot of questions about what to know before you go, and she shared specifics

    NSFW ahead, mateys

    InsideHook: If a client wants to begin bringing toys into the bedroom but is hesitant to start, where do you generally suggest he look?
    Nenna Joiner: If the bros are hesitant, reading this article written by your resident lesbian friend, Nenna Feelmore, is a good start! I deal daily in fears and hesitations. If you are afraid to buy a vibrator, make sure you at least start with lubricant. No matter how self-lubricated a woman gets, more is always good, especially if you are of substantial length or girth. And choose a vibrator that can be used on the outside but allows you to be useful in the moment, such as a Womanizer Liberty.

    IH: Do your clients talk about their concerns with you? What are the most common ones?
    NJ: Men are open about their concerns when they speak to strangers in strange places, like Feelmore. It’s liberating speaking to someone who must never share the identifiable details with the world. The concerns some men have are just basic insecurities ... no biggie. They want to please their partner, but at its core, [these questions are] about feeling okay with themselves and finding a partner who can love them for them. Some won’t explicitly say, “Nenna, I’m tripping because I only have four inches, and I feel I’m not pleasing my lady.” Most often, it will sound like, “I don’t want to get her something too big [in terms of a dildo] because I don’t want her to forget about me” or “I don’t want her to replace me.” Ain’t shit you can do when someone is not feeling you! You can buy all the vibrators and sex pills you want — Feelmore is willing to take your money — but TBH, there are some things you can’t change. I wouldn’t sweat the small stuff, literally. Guys often come in looking for things to change the length, girth and duration. Pills help with erection bloodflow; creams or sprays will help keep the erection longer. Pumps force blood to your little friend. A cock ring will keep the blood flow in your pipe. That said: You can only buy so much to change your member ... it’s ultimately about H-E-R. (Not the artist!) Coming into Feelmore with concerns means you give a shit — and that’s sexy as fuck. Nothing will get you laid faster than being considerate.

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