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    January 03, 2019

    Change Your Vibe

    Change your vibe can be taken so any ways.  But as a sex store located in Oakland, you'd expect us to talk about changing out your old ass vibrator for something new and expensive.  Yes and No!

    When we came up with this copy, it meant so much more than just to get you as our community member to get a new vibrator but in the spirit of the New Year that you change your energy to align with your Vision.  You have so much potential to achieve your Dreams if you just focus on your Goals.  

    Just like a vibrator, you have a frequency that you can turn up to your heart's desire.  It just depends on your desired outcome.  Is it a tease you want.  Something that can tickle you and make you itch for more. Or do you want to go for it and get exactly what you want?  As you can see depending on the vibrator you will have either a single speed, 3-speed, or variable speed. Personally the variable speed is cool as it gives you in-between settings that can be achieved with a single speed or 3-speed.  (Note: you have 7-speed - 10-speed not to mention patterns). It's all up to you.  Some orgasms like Dreams can be achieved on a certain setting.  You just have to test out different settings or goals to see which ones work for you in order to achieve your outcome. 

    Don't give up until you get what you want.  But finding the right vibrator always comes with shopping at the right store...and that would be Feelmore.  The Dreams are within you so check your internal dial!