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  • Anal Plug 101

    July 23, 2019

    Anal Plug 101

    Anal Plug 101:

    • Beginners (and everyone, really) should make sure the base of their butt plugs is wide so that it does not end up fully inside your body.
    • Think about neck width, the more narrow the neck is relative to the base the more secure it will be in your sphincter. Those newer to plugs might want to stick to a narrow neck plug like the Booty Call Petite Probe 
    • Anal beads are a great way to try different widths and sensations, especially with a graduated version like this Be Me 3 
    • Make sure you use a good amount of lube when playing with anal toys and make sure the toys and lube are compatible (don’t to use silicone lube with a silicone toy). Sliquid Sassy is a great anal play lube because it is water based (hooray for toys) and formulated to mimic silicone lube (yay butts!). 
    • Are you trying out plugs to work up to something? You can stretch your limits and your butt, slowly and carefully, with Colt's classic Anal Trainer kit. 
    • If you feel like you are getting the hang of things, try leveling up with a vibrating plug like Vedo's Quaker or Tantus's Perfect Plug Plus.
    • The main thing to remember when venturing into butt stuff territory is to take it slow, check in regularly and don't skimp on the lube.

    Go Forth and Plug Away