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  • Will the Real Feelmore Stand Up

    August 13, 2013

    Will the Real Feelmore Stand Up

    My Mother told me that the website wasn't keeping up with the actual store.  Our parents and/or elders can influence us in more ways than we can truly begin to understand.  The one that has been there with me from the very beginning of Life and not just Feelmore my Mom.  I owe my common sense, ambition, and creativity to her Love.  This new website is dedicated to the one that holds me when I don't want the world to see Me!  MOM.

    Our new direction will be exactly what you experience and feel inside of Feelmore.  As we continue to hear from you, we will continue to grow in ways that exceed our own dreams.  Don't just sit there do something!  It's important to continue to move in life and not be paralized by inactivity so you can flourish by your hearts desire.

    As more functionality becomes available, these updates will be released to you in an email so jump onto our Newsletter as you will receive your first discount from Feelmore online!  

    We Heart You World!