Caution: Glass on the Inside. Not as scary as you think.

April 22, 2014

Not as scary as you think.
The response we’re given when people are introduced to the concept of glass toys for the first time is typically the same: What if it breaks? What if it chips or cracks? Have no fear. These toys are made with durability in mind. With safety out of the way, let’s focus on one of the favorite features of glass: temperature. By simply placing your glass toy in hot or cold water—or even placing it in the microwave or freezer, you can create a whole new sensation.

Glass toys are also ideal for anal play. They’re easy to clean, don’t absorb any smell or bacteria, smooth as can be and can be used with literally any kind of lubricant. Let’s not forget that blown glass is also an art. These toys, if left out in the open look almost like abstract sculptures. Safe? Check. Fun? Check. And discreet? Check.

We even have a few acrylic toys that may appeal better to you.  Lighter in weight yet crystal clear like Glass.  Here are 2 hot products right now.

by AJ