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  • Praying for Competition

    March 08, 2014

    Praying for Competition

    I just learned more about myself.....I don't like what everyone else likes, do what everyone else does, think like everyone thinks. 
    As I was filling out a Call-For Speaker Application for Small Business week in SF 'Ted-Talk Style', I was asked to write the Title of my talk:  "Praying for Competition".  It finally hit me why I possibly choose an adult business as my dream business...B/c If you wanted to open a store, you had to be passionate, resourceful, a bit political, and community conscious in order to receive or as I really feel, 'Knighted' with a Conditional Use Permit.  This business has to do so much more than a bar yet it keeps our so called competition away from our line of sight.  
    As a child out of the womb, I was honored to have been birthed into a family of Entrepreneurs.  The main breadwinner, my Grandmother, owned several grocery businesses and after many years of 100-1000 % percent returns.  (In the 80's in a Black Community that didn't have a grocery store...Sound Familiar).  Competition struck ground across from our business and did some things better creatively.  

    As a kid, I blamed competition...but as an adult, I have to un-tell that story and tell a new...She lost the zest that was needed to be creative.  Competition isn't harmful to your business but truly helpful to make you truly focus on what makes you stand out and hold strong to your business values.


    I look forward to the opportunity of telling others exactly how competition has shaped my life.