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  • Sex is Hardwork

    February 14, 2014

    Feelmore Berkeley Sex Shop

    It takes a lot to consistently do one thing let alone many things.  

    I mean getting up out of bed and doing something over and over and over again with the same excellence and vigor as when you started the journey.

    Well, today is the Anniversary of Feelmore Adult Gallery.  I began the vision many years ago, however, February 14, today, is Feelmore's 3rd year anniversary. It's only 3 years, Right?!  Not much to brag about nor to mention...but it is. 

    See when you believe in something so much as your ability to completely transform your own life by making a decision, this is a beautiful thing.  I learned about the business of sex which is different than the sex business.  When I began this journey, I completed many applications but no one would hire me.  Your DREAMS, well mine, were preceded with sweat, blood, and tears.  I've learned a great deal that no business degree could have taught me and that would be: Relationships.  

    The growth of Feelmore has been based on pure Relationships not only with our Clients but other Professionals.  For all parties involved, I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity to serve equally with kindness and love.  

    I am excited about not only what is happening for me but more importantly Feelmore and how we continue to improve it for our Client Base.  

    Feelmore Loves You...and so do I.


    P.S. Make sure you stop by Feelmore tonight, February 14th 7-10pm...We are having a cocktail party and from 8pm-9pm we are offering 15% off all purchases.  See you soon.