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  • QOD: "Why do sex toys come with a warranty?"

    February 04, 2014

    Warranty Image Vibrator SexIMO sex toys should come with a warranty, yet not many people will use them.  Think about how many people go back to Oil Changers for a free top off or to the car wash after the rain...Not Many.

    A warranty is simply a guarantee or a promise used as an instrument to let the consumer know that the seller stands behind the product.  This is why Feelmore only carries products it can stand behind.  We have only had 5  product returns for defects in our 3 years of doing business.

    We are seeing a shift with more products being offered with warranties.  In the past, we've seen the 'Buyer Beware' i.e. car buying which is why most states enacted laws in favor of the consumers.  Remember the Consumer Guide Magazine where everything was reviewed?  Not sure if its still around, however, it was a testing ground for products to be review.  If sex products didn't do what they said they would, then you would have issues else good or bad, it goes on social.  If bad, it could corrupt the credibility of the business.

    Offering a warranty is one thing (company responsibility) the other half is the consumer's responsibility.  Consumers must go back to the store where they bought the product if there are issues especially after some companies explicit 30-day defective device warranty.  However, Feelmore has helped to encourage many people to contact the store where they bought their product especially for higher priced items as well as made sure the product really does have a defect. 

    There are so many reasons why Clients don't want to bring in their product into a store to make the seller aware of the problem.  It's simply because the intimate product has been used and they have a level of embarrassment to bring it back to the store where purchased and have someone handle it.  Wash your product, dig out your receipt and walk it into the store!

    Good business practices at Feelmore dictates we go the distance with our client to get their products covered under warranty so they can continue having a quality sexual experience. 

    Customer Service First!

    Checkout a few products that do have warranties: Lelo, We-Vibe, Ola, Magic Wand, Fun Factory, Je Joue.