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  • Battle of the Buzz: Magic Wand vs. Vibe Right

    November 08, 2013

    Feelmore Sex Shop Berkeley

    I have a confession to make: I’m a Hitachi-sexual. Yes, I know there was a re-branding effort made some months ago, but “The Original Magic Wand Vibrator” will always be “The Hitachi” to me, as well as to the millions of grateful individuals who have reliably ridden it for decades. My Hitachis have been present for some of the most unforgettable moments of my sex life, responsible for multiple first orgasms (mine included!), best orgasms, and crucial pre/post-coital full body massages. Their bulk never gave me pause – I happily carry mine in my purse to and from hookups, gleefully whipping it out on the street and converting strangers when their eyes wander to its conspicuous mass. It didn’t take long for the Hitachi’s signature roar to elicit a Pavlovian response in my partners and I, either; at this point, you could plug one in during a screening of “Schindler’s List” and my panties would drop.


    All this is to say that I’ve been more-or-less “monogamous” since my first Hitachi purchase six years ago; other vibrators have ceased to exist for me. This is gleefully ironic when you consider that I work in a sex toy store, surrounded by the best erotic gadgets the industry has to offer. It’s a bit like being employed at an upscale strip club and not being attracted to beautiful women.  I mean, why not just work at Bank of America? But I digress.

    A few weeks ago, we got a shipment of Vibe Rite wands here at Feelmore. With their vibrant magenta color and modern, attractive packaging, I couldn’t help but inspect the box, albeit it with a healthy dose of cynicism. After all, though the Vibe Right bore a striking resemblance to the Hitachi, I just assumed it a cheaper (though enticing) imitation. Surely nothing on the market could touch my favorite vibrator’s strength and sturdiness. Confident, I casually scanned the product description. Stopped. Squinted. Read the box again.  Clearly I was mistaken – did it say seven speeds?!

    It did! I immediately shook the toy out and was shocked to discover that its “cord” was actually a charger – it was cordless! I kept reading, enraptured. Promising powerful pleasure, the vibrator had a removable head for cleaning ease. This may not seem like a big deal, but my Hitachis historically had lifespans of only 1-1.5 years, and I suspected it was due in part to soap/moisture/dust getting under the head and rusting it out when I cleaned it, though I could never prove it.

    I was so impressed with what I was seeing that I immediately logged onto Amazon to read some reviews, and the accounts were staggeringly positive. Dozens raved that it was just as powerful as the Hitachi while being both lighter and quieter. Plus, did I mention it was cheaper? I vowed to buy one immediately, but shortly after my research, we completely sold out, and the urgency I felt fell to the wayside. We’re about to get a new shipment in, though, and you’d better believe I’ll have my credit card out when we do! Come on in and join me in the great “Battle of the Buzz” – we want YOUR reviews! Mention this blog post when purchasing either a Magic Wand or Vibe Rite vibrator at the store and receive an instant 15% off!

     (Arianna Travaglini)