This fun-loving guy dubbed »Flexi Felix« is the perfect companion for those ready to explore the world of anal pleasures. The pleasantly stimulating row of balls guarantees thrilling adventure. Inserted one by one the »Flexi Felix« creates a special effect, and removing it spreads explosions of tingly pleasure. »Flexi Felix« features a friendly beetle face handle for easy removal of the chain.

The anal beads are made of 100% easy to clean body-safe silicone FF Texture: Smooth and silky (2) A softer finish gives this a more tender feel, without the addition of a noticeable surface.

Special Features * pleasantly stimulating row of balls * elliptical shapes in varying sizes * a special feeling when inserted * tingly pleasure upon removal * beetle face to pull on for removal * very flexible

Length: 12,6 inch Ø 0,9 inch

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