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  • Feelmore Soy Massage Candle MYSTERY 9oz

    Feelmore Store

    Candles aren't just candles. These candles are hand-poured by the Feelmore Team. measurements are often skewed for less fragrant in order to not overpower the Client! Less is often More with this candle.

    Originally we had tin tops but that wasn't sustainable so now we have no lid on these items but wrap them up in a paper bag for shipping. Hella burn time more than 24 hours, however, if you use this candle for massaging, the hours are significantly reduced.

    This is a Feelmore Soy Massage Candle!

    Our candle scents were formulated in-house after watching plenty of YouTubes and joining countless forums.  All to say they don't always smell consistent on the newer scents but you should enjoy them as we are burning them right at this moment...seriously!  Our candles are meant to make you think, reflect, and inspire something inside.  Many bought our candles when we had no labels when we wrote our labels, no dust covers, etc...now we've made sure the labels reflect our brand along with the scents. 

    Feelmore Scents:

    • NATURAL: no scent at all.  If you have fragrance allergies, this is for you.
    • CHILL: a Feelmore original this scent is very meditative.  (White Sage/Lavender)
    • COCKY: a Feelmore original is a nice pick-you-up on the first inhale (Grapefruit/Mint)
    • SPIRITUAL: a Feelmore original this scent gets you to that inner self (Black Sea/Coconut)
    • FRESH: a Feelmore original this scent smells like a clean house on Saturday AM (Plumeria/Mint)
    • VIBRANT: new Feelmore scent smells like that vacation you want to take (Pineapple/Safe/Teakwood)
    • BUTCH: new Feelmore scent smells very Gender Neutral a mix more on the full-bodied side (Black Sea/Teakwood)
    • SUBMISSION: new Feelmore scent smells subtle (Grapefruit/Mint/Coconut)
    • FUCK UP:  a Feelmore way of saying we messed up.