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Elska Magazine (01) Lviv,Ukraine

Issue (01) is dedicated to Lviv, Ukraine's gorgeous and under-discovered cultural capital. The city will come as a bit of a shock if you've spent time in any other Ukrainian city, as Lviv wears the scars of post-Soviet breakdown with particular elegance. And the people are as stunning as the setting. 

We met twelve local boys this time, including Marko K. in an abandoned factory; Semen M. in the beautiful cobbled old town; Ivan T. walking into the fountain in front of the opera house; the talented painter Eugen K. at his home; and the intimidatingly intellectual poet Taras D. in a disused military mess hall.

Beyond Ukraine, this issue features a sexy-as-fuck editorial from LA  by photographer Jono. Plus we meet the queer fagabond rapper Rica Shay, shot and iterviewed at my flat in London. We talk pancakes, penises and having the courage to break out of the boxes of stereotype.

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