Basic Ass Dildos - discounted

Feelmore Adult Gallery

We are keeping it simple so let us pick


  • R: Helical design, fun texture for rotation and penetration. 6.75" insertable length, 1.25" thick.
  • G: Slight curve for gentle G-spot/prostate stimulation. 6.6" insertable length, 1.25" thick.
  • B: Shorter and thicker with two stimulating bumps on one side, great for putting pressure where you want it. 6.5" insertable length, 1.36" thick.


  • C: Cyan.
  • Y: Yellow.
  • B: black.

Firmness: medium steak. If you lightly touch your thumb to your middle finger and squeeze the meaty thumb muscle with your other hand, it's about like that. Firm enough to hit the spots, but still squeezable.