Paul Johnson of Porn Fame

"I started my career in photography with a BPA degree from Brooks Institute of Photography where my 1st unit teacher told me "You have a particular talent for getting people to do things in front of a camera, you should work with people.” You were right Mr. Bogie and this is how I used that talent.

While still a student I took some nude photos to Elysium, a publisher of nudist mags and I made my 1st sale, my toe hold into what was to become the porn biz. I freelanced part time until I landed a fantasy job on staff of JAYBIRD ENTERPRISES as their mags pushed the barriers of what could be published; split beaver was born there. At first I was shooting tame split beaver, eventually not so tame but still short of hardcore. There was a knowing among photogs & agents that things were going hard. 

When famed 1st Amendment lawyer Stanley Flieshman told my editor, Bob Reitman, that it was time Bob picked me to find the models and shoot the 1st hardcore publication sold in American adult bookstores, SEX in MARRIAGE by Academy Press. This is what ignited the porn explosion we have today, I know, I was there holding the match."

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