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Feelmore Funnies: Condoms

by Nenna Joiner July 14, 2016

Just a Normal Day at the Office:
Caller: What's the largest size condom you have?
Feelmore: What size do you need?
Caller: I'm 11 1/2
Feelmore : What condom have you used in the past? I mean this isn't your first time using a condom, is it?
Caller: You're right. Magnum XL
Feelmore: See we could have started (asking for XL) there.
Caller: I'll be through to get them.

Nenna Joiner
Nenna Joiner


Owner Operator of Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland. Has never worked in the adult industry or retail until she realized her own dream of owning. She is always working to make the business better and better.