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Sheela na gigs

by Nenna Joiner August 13, 2013

Today we had the opportunity of learning from our Clients.  So often people come into Feelmore to learn and/or purchase for their needs.  Yet, when we receive historical information, it makes us sit right on the edge of our seats and want more.  The burning desire to know what Love was in the 16th century and how different it is from the 21st century is something the imagination and heart must negotiate.  

The Gentleman asked had we heard about 'Sheela na gigs'?!  He quickly described the stone carving as being found in Ireland.  He was partial as he was Irish.  Quickly launching Google to find out what it was all about.  Here is what came up with:

Sheela-na-gigs Ireland
Sheela Na Gigs are quasi-erotic stone carvings of a female figure usually found on Norman or to be more precise Romanesque churches. They consist of an old woman squatting and pulling apart her vulva, a fairly strange thing to find on a church. The carvings are old and often do not seem to be part of the church but have been taken from a previous older, usually romanesque, building.  Have you seen any during your travels?

Nenna Joiner
Nenna Joiner


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