Fun (der Spaß) in Germany (Oakland)

April 18, 2014

When you think new and innovative, do you think Germany? Because Fun Factory certainly wants you to. The Stronic Drei is not a vibrator. It’s a pulsator. This is a concept so new that not even spellcheck recognizes the word yet. Well, Feelmore in Oakland has this new Iconic product.    What is it? Watch this...


This toy encourages hands-free play with its in-and-out thrusting motion and curved tip, ideal for prostate or g-spot stimulation. It’s made of 100% medical grade silicone, comes with a charger to rid you of the need for batteries, and a two year warranty. With its 10 different pulse settings, you’ll be able to go all night without the risk of carpal tunnel getting in your way.

Get it while it’s hot.  Matter of fact, most products by Fun Factory are Hot...Check them out

by AJ