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Pack & Play from New York Toy Collective

by Nenna Joiner April 11, 2014

The New York Toy Collective has taken an interesting, effective and important direction with their sex toy line. As you can see in their demonstration video, they have put an emphasis on their toys' fantastic feature: Pack-and-Play (Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel). This means a lot for the kink and queer communities. Being ready at a moment's notice for those who always like to be prepared and the ability for Transmen to feel more comfortable with their bodies. Body affirmation has a new name, and its name is Shilo Mason. *This product is suitable for all genders and sexual identities.  Material is near identical to the feel of Vixen Creations.

Available for 162.00 right here at Feelmore.  


Nenna Joiner
Nenna Joiner


Owner Operator of Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland. Has never worked in the adult industry or retail until she realized her own dream of owning. She is always working to make the business better and better.