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Sex Sells in the Artwork of Fernando Reyes

by Nenna Joiner March 03, 2014


So often we are waiting for someone to pass before our eyes and take our breath away to a far off place.  But for some, like myself, I get to find aww and excitement in someone's creativity.  This past weekend I was privileged to see a friend that introduced me to their friend.  He let the artist know that I am a 'BUYER'.  Yes, Feelmore does buy as well as sell art.  

I took the artist's card and today decided to open up the website and see what their talent was.  Let's just I have very few words for this artist only because I am dealing with a limited vocabulary list.  However, you can make your own conclusion about the artwork.  The only phrase from us: "We can sell it!"  There is nothing more exciting than to see someone that understands and puts a true vision on the human body.  

Generally, I get artist requests to look over their works and am unable to all artwork but only the artwork that I believe will be seen and can be sold as a collectible.  I appreciate the this artist being able to tell the story in the lines and folds of the skin.  

We hope with deep thought we can bring Fernando Reyes Fine artwork into Feelmore!  

Each print measures 9” x 12” and printed on Kitakata paper at an edition of 35 prints each priced at $250

"Clearance"                                                                             "Boxers 25% off"

Fernando reyes artwork nude bodies "Clearance"   Fernando reyes artwork nude bodies "Boxers 25% Off"

Nenna Joiner
Nenna Joiner


Owner Operator of Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland. Has never worked in the adult industry or retail until she realized her own dream of owning. She is always working to make the business better and better.