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Lelo Hula Beads

by Nenna Joiner February 04, 2014

Just incase you did not know, we have an IG or Instagram account, so make certain you follow us over there.  A few weeks ago the owner, Nenna, was pprivileged to attend a conference presented by Xbiz in Los Angeles for the week at the W Hotel Hollywood.  Sounds like lounging but from what we heard it was all work and no play, seriously.  However, the owner did get to engage with vendors on an individual basis learning about the vendors company, role, and especially how they could support Feelmore.  Great meetings came out of alot of those meetings.  

However, one highlight Nenna came back with were a few products which we are bringing into Feelmore in the coming months.  One such product that made an impact, the Lelo Hula (pronounced Ula) Beads.  Just checkout the Instagram video below demonstrated what it does.  We will have the product link for you tomorrow. Retails for $169.00

Nenna Joiner
Nenna Joiner


Owner Operator of Feelmore Adult Gallery in Oakland. Has never worked in the adult industry or retail until she realized her own dream of owning. She is always working to make the business better and better.